Organising for Safety & Financial Security

We’ve already launched the Coronavirus Handbook for Workers helping tens of thousands of us to get access to information about our employment rights and what to do in the workplace in these uncertain times. However, we know the government response is inadequate, that business doesn't always put safety before profit, and that many businesses are collapsing due to lack of government support.

Because of this, we need to organise among ourselves, in our communities and in our workplaces to demand adequate provision is put in place so that we don’t have our livelihoods stripped of us. We’ve seen the amazing work our friends at Covid-19 Mutual Aid are doing in neighbourhoods right the way across the country to look out for one another and the vulnerable. Now it’s time to organise in the workplace.


Sometimes it may work to ask your employer directly if they will facilitate working from home, or give sick leave and pay if this isn’t possible. However, it might not be possible to do so. In this case, you can demonstrate the strength of feeling by building a powerful campaign with your colleagues.


A good first step is to create a petition showing how many people in your workplace support the campaign. Workers are setting up organising teams of close colleagues to develop plans to get the support of as many coworkers office by office, and department by department. Once enough people have signed, generally a majority of the workforce, you can take this to your employer and start negotiating. If they still refuse to budge, it’s time for taking further action, but with the full force of the workplace.