On 18 June, 1000's of trade unionists will march through London as part of the #WeDemandBetter cost of living demo - including us.

But only a minority of workers are in a union. And one march alone - as we all know - isnt going to change anything. We need to help workers get unionised and build sustained action for a pay rise and a better deal for workers. 

The march route is lined with shops and restaurants filled with young, non-unionised workers. We will spend some of the day speaking with them about unionising and building a fight for a £15 min wage. And we will get back to every single one, connecting them with an organiser. 

We have produced a toolkit with everything you need to join in. Sign up here to get your kit and connect with us

Who we are

We are union activists and organisers. We're not part of any particular organisation together though we are exploring how we might build a mass unionisation movement. We're the people who set up the Workforce Coronavirus Support Group in 2020, helping 1000s of workers get advice and join unions during the pandemic. And now we want to use this day to help more workers get unionised and build the fight for a £15 min wage.


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