Remember the dead. Fight for the living.

Global Days of Workers Action: April 28th - May 1st 2020

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Action For:

1. #PPENow

Full protective kit for all essential workers

2. #ShutTheSites

Full stop to non-essential work

3. #PayEveryWorker

Full pay guarantee for all workers who cannot work

Remember the dead. Fight for the living.


Too many of our colleagues, our friends and families, have already paid the ultimate price for the failures of our governments and employers around the world.

Health workers are on the frontlines without, or with inadequate, Personal Protective Equipment or testing. Care workers are turning away from older people to sneeze. It's the only protection they both have. Non-essential work in construction, the service sector and industry undermines the lockdown, fuels the pandemic and puts workers and their families at risk.

This scandal needs to end. In any other circumstances of a disastrous death toll of this scale, governments would be calling a national day of mourning and give people the day off to properly remember and mourn our dead. This time we will have to do it ourselves – and every action we take from now on will help to stop avoidable deaths.

April 28 is International Workers Memorial Day, when we remember those who have lost their lives at work, or from work-related injury and diseases. Then May 1st is Mayday, the historic workers day. This year we're asking people around the world not to work if they're doing non-essential work, standing alongside key workers who are taking action. Workers around the world are already getting their non-essential workplaces shut down - or winning the PPE they need - through their own actions. We are calling on workers everywhere to join our global day of action for safety, security and a safe shutdown.

This year, we fight for our lives. Act now - stop the slaughter.


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