organising at work.


The Labour Party is the party of the working-class, born of trade union struggle, and dedicated to a fairer world.

But over the last 30 years, as unions have been held back, wealth has concentrated in the hands of the 1%, the rest of us have got poorer and less secure, our climate is breaking down and our communities have divided.

The solution to all of this is reorganise our communities and unions. To win progress locally and at work here and now. To rebuild pride, dignity and hope. To rebuild the workers movement.


We are pro-Labour workers dedicated to bringing the energy and organising skills of our 2019 election campaign back into the workplace.



1. Organise Labour At Work

We will begin by organising local groups of pro-Labour workers, providing guidance and materials to help you help each other to organise at work

2. Organise the Workforce

But we can go further than that. The roots of our loss of working-class support lie in the decline of trade union and community organisation. We have a plan to rebuild the workers movement, across every sector and every community. Read our full proposal and then sign up to be involved in this wider work here